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Olumide Adenmosun, Eurekan Biotech's President/CEO bags an MBA at FAU - gets a commendation mention at the Summer 2017 graduation ceremony:

Among FAU’s summer grads: Student who saw Ebola outbreak, college mascot


Olumide Adenmosun of Eurekan Biotech partners with Bioinnovation Solutions, Lausanne Switzerland as a Product Development Consultant to develop Rapid Response Ebola Test (RRET) - a rapid genetic diagnostic test kit that detects Ebola virus from body fluids in 30mins. Validation tests were conducted at African Centre of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Diseases (ACEGID) at Redeemers University, Mowe Ogun State Nigeria...

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While we attempt to develop our intellectual, experiential and administrative capacities right now, Eurekan Biotechnologies already has the following on-going projects and programmes to her credit which include:

Patents & Proposed Research Projects

SpermaSORT Condom (USPTO Provisional Patent)

We are designing an antibody-based sperm selection condom that could serve as a selective immuno-contraceptive to help at-risk couples with traits of certain genetic diseases such as Sickle Cell Disorder and Cystic Fibrosis - have a chance at achieving natural conception with a reduced chance of having babies with genetic disorders. Click to view current design of condom.

Genetically-typed phage therapy to initiate cell death in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Being a proposed study in our research pipeline, we hope to design and engineer a bacteriophage for Mycobacterium tuberculosis soon. Often referred to as bacteria eaters, -phage- therapy may be the next treatment frame-shift in place of the toxic and religiously administered antibiotics - for most bacterial infections.

Targeting HIV reservoirs with the HIV endonuclease

Also another proposed study in our research pipeline; it is understood that the mysterious viral pathway utilizes the restriction enzyme (HIV Endonuclease) to cut the human genome before the viral reverse transcriptase and ligase enzymes come into play. We hypothesize that targeting the viral reservoirs on a back-trace to excise the integrated HIV genome could be the messianic research concept to stop HIV/AIDS.

Restructuring the immune activated response to HIV by initiating a biological process of depleting cellular receptors for HIV antigens.

A quite brilliant idea proposed by Dr. Oyas (one of our team members) - hinges on the process of thymic selection of lymphocytes during the early stages of cellular differentiation - where lymphocytes with receptors responsive to self-antigens as at that period of differentiation - undergo clonal deletion. Dr. Oyas says, introducing HIV antigens into an embryo (experimental animal model) during the early stages of thymic differentiation could also make the body recognize HIV as a self-antigen - hence it becomes a normal flora with no future pathogenesis. Prophylactic treatment measures may be drawn from this in the near future.


It is known everywhere that idea-grazers do exist. As much as we would want to protect our ideas and intellectual properties, we just must share with helpers too; some of the feedback have been encouraging and some nonetheless discouraging. As a growing institution, we are continuously building up our innovative capacity and would therefore appreciate your kind feedback as well as constructive criticisms on our concept ideas, papers, projects and applications.

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