The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a step.
-- Lao Tzu

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It is clear that Eurekan Biotechnologies (EureBIO) will definitely be branched into three other pronounced subsidiaries namely:

Eurekan Biotechnologies Programme (EureBIO Pro)

At EureBIO Pro, our maxim shall be -THINK IDEAS!

Here, scientific enlightenment and training opportunities will occasionally be made public to pre- informed scientists. Calls for research proposals on currently addressed health issues will often mark the climax of the programme. An academic center where research scholars are groomed - is the EureBIO Pro concept.

Eurekan Biotechnologies Research Institute (EureBIO R.I.)

At EureBIO R.I., our dictum shall be - VALIDATE IDEAS!

Here, modern well equipped laboratories will be established - where biomedical researches can be carried out by high profile researchers and scientists. Flow of intellectual properties from EureBIO Pro will be charted here for validation.

Eurekan Biotechnologies Production Company (EureBIO ProC)

At EureBIO ProC., our slogan shall be -INVENT IDEAS!

Here, a world class biotech production company will be established - where novel researched pharmaceutical and biotechnological products will be invented to combat pressing world health needs - to be handled by distinguished drug designers and highly ingenious bio-systems developers. The zenith of the validated intellectual properties from EureBIO R.I. will evolve into inventions here.

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